Facts and Figures

Property Red Bull Arena, Am Sportforum 3, 04105 Leipzig General Information The Red Bull Arena was designed for the FIFA World Cup 2006 and was built according to FIFA's strict regulations. Together with the Festwiese and the Arena Leipzig, the Red Bull Arena forms one part of the Sportforum Leipzig. Website www.sportforum-leipzig.com Capacity
  • 43 500 seats
  • lower ranks: approx. 31 000
  • upper ranks: 12 500
  • Business Lounge: approx. 500 pax
  • VIP-Lounge : approx. 350
  • VIP-Boxes (16): approx. 300 pax
Costs 116 million Euro (of which 51.12 millions Euro funded by the German State) Construction time December 2000 to 2004 Idea Integration of the Red Bull Arena into the existing construction of the old stadium (connecting modernity and tradition) and thereby integrating it into the existing backdrop of city and landscape surroundings. Construction of one of the most modern stadiums in the world in terms of architecture and technology. Use
  • Major events
  • music concerts
  • company events
  • meetings
  • seminars
  • congresses
Sections The Red Bull Arena is divided into 4 sections with different blocks which are separated from each other by means of fences:
  • Section A: Main grandstand with business lounge area and VIP boxes
  • Section B: Home team block
  • Section C: Back straight
  • Section D: Guest block
  • 18 bridges lead the spectators over the embankment into the Zentralstadion Leipzig.
  • Level 5 acts as the distribution floor for all spectators.
  • 72 x 111m
  • 68 x 105m pitch size, heated
  • approx. 5 000 spaces altogether
  • of which approx. 430 spaces on car park 1 outside the Arena Leipzig
  • approx. 3 000 spaces on the Cottaweg area
  • approx. 450 spaces in Jahnallee
  • approx. 400 spaces in Goyastraße
  • approx. 400 spaces inside the stadium for VIP guests, organisers and press (parking oval)
  • approx. 450 spaces on parking area 2 of the Arena Leipzig at the former swimming stadium
  • Business and VIP lounges and boxes
  • The Business-Lounge (1000 m²) is situated on level 5 and features oak wooden flooring.
  • There are 14 individual VIP-boxes available, catering for 15 to 18 people each. An additional two double boxes catering for 36 to 40 people each are also available.
  • The VIP-boxes feature private balconies and are situated on level 6 offering fantastic views over the playing area.
  • The VIP-boxes can be furnished and equipped individually according to customers' requirements.
  • Guests of the Business-Lounge and of the VIP-boxes find allocated parking spaces conveniently situated inside the stadium in the so-called parking oval. Lifts take you from there directly to the VIP area.
Security State-of-the-art video surveillance with zoom and 360 degrees cameras, police station situated in the control area above guest block (including cells and rooms for judges chamber for summary proceedings) Lightning installation/Sound
  • 1500 to 1700 Lux on the pitch
  • 100% coverage
  • not dazzling (German Football Association (DFB) regulation: 1200 Lux)
  • state-of-the-art sound technology

Technical data

Exterior dimensions: Length North-South: approx. 230 m
  Length East-West: approx. 210 m
Roof dimensions: Height roof area: 46,50 m
  Highest elevation: 56,50 m
  Roof size: 24,400 qm
Foundations: Tubular support: 720
  Piles: 320
Shell of the Building: Concrete: 21,000 qm
  Support, concrete: 320
Steel construction: Steel: 9,600 Tons
  Steel rope length: 5,100 m
  Support, steel (roof): 96

Developers of the reconstruction

Owner: Zentralstadion Leipzig GmbH - Besitzgesellschaft
Archtitects: Arge Zentralstadion (Wirth + Wirth GmbH Leipzig/Basel, Glöckner Architekten GmbH Nürnberg/Leipzig/Berlin, Körber Barton Fahle Planungs GmbH, Freiburg), Zech Planungs GmbH (since June 2002)
Project leitung: BVT Bauconsult GmbH, Leipzig
Project Management/Site Manager: Universal Bau und Consult Weiden GmbH
Founded by: Bundesministerium des Innern (Ministry of the Interior), Stadt Leipzig (City of Leipzig)