Festwiese Leipzig

Memorable hours under the sky

Festwiese (festival grounds) Leipzig is a popular venue for open air events with audiences of up to 70,000. Top international acts, such as Michael Jackson, U2, Depeche Mode, the Rolling Stones, Linkin Park and Tote Hosen have thrilled audiences on the 200 x 200 square meter area. The spacious terrain is generally an ideal setting for shows, day festivals, outdoor cinemas or corporate events, including the "Pyro Games" fireworks festival, the archery world cup or the summer fête of Konsum Leipzig, to mention only a few. Adjacent to the Red Bull Arena on the north side, Festwiese Leipzig covers an area of 40,000 square meters. It can be completely circuited. It is bounded by an accessible wall intersected by broad stairs and is accessible in the south via ramps. The historic site is under monument protection and is open to the public during event-free times.